Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Month Checkup

Kynnedi is 4 Months! 

She had her 4 Month check up today and here are some of her stats: 

Weight: 16.0 lbs at 85th percentile
Height: 26.5 inches 97th percentile 
Head Circumference: 16.5 inches 68th percentile 

Some Fun Things about Kynnedi: 

As always she took her shots like a champ, I swear this kid barley even notices what's happening. 
She must have a high tolerance for pain like her Dad. 

She Talks and Talks and Talks.... Like all the time, sometimes I wish she would stop just for some quiet! LoL 

She loves her Mommy, maybe a little too much. She definitely is a Momma's girl, even Daddy won't do if Mommy is around. 

She loves her Big Sister Rowynne.... She giggles and coos whenever Rowynne is around. 

She wears a bib ALL THE TIME! Literary ruining every cute outfit she owns. I'm hoping that one day the excessive spitting will come to an end. Until then she will remain the "baby with the bib."

She is HUGE.... She is at least 2-3 Months ahead in all her clothes. Its actually nice because all of Rowynne's clothes fit her during appropriate season, when really they should be the opposite. 

She is sleeping in her crib in the girls room, mostly sleeping through the night. Awesome for Mommy 

Her Eyes.... Still Blue! Yay! 

We Love her to Pieces! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Valentines Day

February 14, 2012 -  

Happy Valentine's Day! I try and make all the little holidays fun and special for my girls. I want them to look back when they were younger and be thankful that there Mom spent the time to celebrate with them and make these days at home special. 
 We started of the day with some heart shaped pancakes.... Rowynne was very excited about that! 

 The girls had some goodies to look forward to....

 Rowynne - 20 Months
Kynnedi - 3 1/2 Months
Thanks to Aunt Robyn for the matching shirts.... Adorable!

I think Rowynne was most excited over the candy....
I don't think she could get it in her mouth fast enough.

 This was Kynnedi's first Valentine's Day!

We then colored some Valentines to give to Daddy when he got home from work

Hard at work coloring.... Takes lots of concentration

 Even got some stickers.... Kynnedi seems worried about her new look!

 Kisses from Rowynne
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Car Expo 2012

January 13, 2012 -

 The Car Expo -
If any of you know Cory then you won't be surprised that the one thing Cory asks for all year is to go to the Car Expo.  It's one of the few things he looks forward to all year. He was very excited to go this year even if he had to bring a car load of girls with him. Even I enjoy the car show, its fun to try our different cars, ones that might possibly be in your future and even the ones that are probably more fantasy than reality.

Nissan 370 Z - Cory looked awfully sexy in this one.  

Of course the Jeep course was one of Cory's favorite attractions. 

  The 2012 Toyota Sequoia..... This was my favorite, I'm hoping that one day I will be driving this around jammed full of crazy kids! LoL 

They even had a area where the little one could get involved. The girls got to drive in one of the kid Jeeps. Needless to say they loved it, we had to drag them away kicking and screaming. 

Can't wait till the next Car Expo... maybe my favorite car will change! 

Daddy/Uncle Cory

Cory is Pregnant with TWINS! 

Cory is a great Dad and even greater Uncle. 
These two girls are super lucky to have him in there life, they always have so much fun together ! 

Baby Blessing

January 8, 2012 - 
      He took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.
     We blessed Kynnedi in our ward with family and friends present on January 8, 2012.  I am so grateful that Cory is a worthy Priesthood holder and is able to give our children such a special blessing. In the LDS church we bless our babies mainly for two reasons. The first is for the baby to have his or her name placed on the church records. The second, is to give the child a priesthood blessing where guidance and commitments are given to the child. I believe that this is a very special blessing and that the words are truly those of our Heavenly Father, I believe that Cory was inspired to say the words that were spoken and I am thankful that our children were both given such special blessings.   I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for putting these sacred souls into our humble hands. I truly believe that these sweet children were placed in our family for a reason, they each bring such a special spirit into our family. 
We blessed our 2nd baby girl with the name: 
Kynnedi Ivins 
 Our sleeping Angel
She was blessed in the same dress as her sister, I hope that many more babies will be blessed in this dress. Maybe even someday Rowynne and Kynnedi's own baby girls will be blessed in it. 

She did awesome! No tears or crying through the entire blessing. 

Our two beautiful girls! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 Month Checkup

Kynnedi is 2 Months! 

She had her 2 month checkup today and here are some of her stats:

Weight:  13.56 lbs    92 percentile 
  Height: 24.25 in      93 percentile
Head Circumference: 15.7 in   67 percentile

Some fun things about Kynnedi: 

 She took her shots like a champ. 
I think she hated the drinkable vaccination worse than her actual shots. 
She is a very good tempered baby, but she does love to be held. 
And is much more vocal than Rowynne ever was. 
She does this funny scream thing... its not quite crying more just like she wants your attention. 
She has beautiful blue eyes... just like her father. 
She definitely is a chunk compared to her Big Sis.
I love to make her laugh... (which she does a lot/ seems early for her age)

She is such a great addition to our little family. I can't imagine life without her! 

At the Park

January 3, 2012 - 

   While in San Diego we went to one of the many Parks down by the beach. The girls love playing, Marley always makes a ton of friends, and even Kynnedi got to swing for the first time. 

 Rowynne going down the slide

 The girls bouncing on what possibly is a whale maybe a plane? 

 Rowynne and Auntie Gillian climbing the castle

Video of Kynnedi on the swings for her very first time. I think she liked it!

Peek a Boo